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As Spartners, spouses who are business partners, we seek to develop and sustain a community where people’s lives are enriched through conversation, connection and wellness. 

We didn’t always work together in this capacity. Troy was a fitness and wellness professional named the best group fitness instructor in 2019. He founded the TB Effect in 2020 and has offered various wellness, parenting, lifestyle, and social media services. Shantel was an educator for 15 years, serving as a teacher for six years and assistant principal for nine years. Her work was centered around equity and social-emotional wellness.


After a move from New York to Atlanta, a home-birth and giving up one primary income, we joined forces to make the TB Effect LLC our primary focus. Our partnership is unique because Shantel never thought they’d be business partners. Troy always had an entrepreneurial spirit, and Shantel followed the traditional go to school, work 9-5, collect benefits mentality. Troy leaned into Shantel for her consistent desire to level up in her education, and Shantel leaned into Troy for his ability to make money from doing the things he enjoyed most.

It wasn’t until the home they almost closed on in Connecticut fell through 3 days before closing that they looked to each other and realized they left too much power into the hands of others. Troy had grown comfortable serving on one platform, and Shantel had grown exhausted in serving a place that wasn’t serving her. Together, they needed to reclaim their power and take control of the direction of their lives.


As a result, when Shantel was 8+ months pregnant, they made a decision that would change their lives forever. They left New York and moved to metro Atlanta, where they only had God and each other to rely on. And through this, they rose… together.

For so long, we ran on different paths, collecting bits of knowledge and experience that would catapult us to where we are today. Troy is a culture mastermind and lifestyle curator who, at his core, prioritizes cultivating solid partnerships and relationships with people and brands worldwide. Shantel is a scholar, thought leader, and servant who does everything with poise and purpose. Together, not only are we awesome parents and spouses, but we are amazing business partners. Spartners.

Our unique pathways have taught us so many lessons individually, but most importantly, it showed us that the best partner we can ever have is the one we married, each other. From the challenges life has thrown our way, we have learned to lean into our faith and each other for support and guidance.

Together, we now have the autonomy we desire, we work with a shared purpose, and we get to build a legacy for our children, together. 


Our Story

We are Queens kids, Queens, New York to be exact.  Both born and raised in Flushing and Fresh Meadows, we were able to experience love, diversity, great food, culture and family.  We met at Parsons Junior High School and eventually became friends.  Over the following 15 years we would run into each other at various locations, and shared a "like" or comment on a post every now and then.  We remained friendly with each other until officially reconnecting just nine months before we would become engaged, and 18 months before we would be married.   

We both knew exactly what we wanted from the person who would become our partner for life, and we saw that in each other.  After getting married, moving to seven different homes, getting a puppy, having an emergency C-section for our first child and a home-birth for our second child, and uprooting everything we knew to plant fresh seeds to grow in metro-Atlanta, we have stuck by each other's side, leaned into our faith, and remained committed to the marriage, family and life we were called to have.  

We are TeamBrooks. 


We work smart, play hard and love forever. 



We're always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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